How to Lose Weight

Most of you have tried to lose weight before…several times. Now every year you are desperate for a change….yet along the way through trying so many things that have failed, ...

BeachBody Challenge – Get Fit & Win Prizes

Win Over $100,000! Take The Beachbody Challenge™ for the motivation you want and need to get fit and then you can win big! It’s our health and fitness contest that ...


Challenge 2014

I am looking for a company that cares about their employees and ...

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One Day at A Time

LifeStyle Change

I always try to think of what I can say to touch someone to make that one decision that will change their life to a Healthy LifeStyle Change. But really all I can do is “Lead By Example”. There is no magic to learning how to eat right and exercise. Its just a decision that […]

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Rest Day

Rest days are actually implemented in many professional training plans, even those of Olympic athletes, in order to allow the body time to recuperate. As we work out, we place greater strain on our muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints. Our immune system is activated when there are muscle tears or joint strains, but if […]

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Angela’s Chicken /Kale Scrambler

Ingredients 1 can Chicken Breast 2 cups Kale 1 small onion cut up 2 cups of Spinach 5 egg whites Kickin Chicken Seasoning Olive Oil In pan combine Olive oil and drained chicken and sprinkle with kickin chicken. Cook 2 minutes until chicken is shredded and onions cooked down. Add the green veggies cook until […]

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What’s your journey

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What are you Goals?

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Breaking the Trend (Chain)

    Are you making a Change What will it take for you to make a change and Break the Bad Habits and Unhealthy Habits that came from your past. I don’t know what it will take for you because everyone  is different.  But I am just so happy for the ladies and gentleman that […]

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